Colman’s Mint Sauce Advert Music – For the love of lamb

This Colman’s Mint Sauce advert titled ‘For the love of lamb’ features background music by Edward Elgar. In the commercial a voice-over says “Sorry Kiwis, we’re sure your New Zealand land is lovely, but this is the best of British”. Concentrating on the fact that it’s locally sourced meat as we see close-up of tender succulent lamb being smothered in Colman’s Mint Sauce.

The music in the advert

Music: Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 36, Enigma: IX Nimrod | Artist : Edward Elgar

The music in this Colman’s Mint Sauce advert is taken from Edward Elgar’s “Enigma Variations” specifically variation IX (Adagio) Nimrod.

This variation has become popular in its own right and is sometimes used at British funerals and memorial services. It is always played at the Cenotaph, Whitehall in London at the National Service of Remembrance.

Edward Elgar was an English composer born in 1857 who is not only well known for his Enigma variations but also the Pomp and Circumstance Marches. He lived well in to his seventies up until 1934.

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