Ford Kuga Advert Song 2021

This brand new Ford advert promotes the All-New Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid. The ad starts with a man and a woman trying a virtual reality ‘electrifying experience’. The futuristic looking commercial video highlights some of the charging features of the car. Saying that it “charges when you brake”, “charges when you drive” and of course, “charges when you plug-in”.

The hybrid car also lets you switch to electric power at the touch of a button.

The music in the Ford Kuga Hybrid Plug-In advert

Music: The Four Horseman | Artist : Aphrodite’s Child

The music in the new Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid is a song called “The Four Horseman” released in 1972 by Greek psychedelic rock band ‘Aphrodite’s Child’. The song’s lyrics are mostly paraphrasing the text of Revelation 6: The leading horse is white, The second horse is red, The third one is a black, The last one is a green.

The track features on the band’s concept album ‘666’ which is also based on The Book of Revelation.

Listen to the full song on Aphrodite’s Child’s official YouTube video:

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