Ford Ranger Advert – Night Swimming

This new Ford advert promoting the ranger pickup truck features a group of people serenely swimming underwater. They reach the shore to climb inside six of the robust vehicles and drive them on to the land.

This advert is surprisingly different to the rugged, off-road landscapes we are used to in more conventional adverts for pickup trucks. We would normally see dusty deserts or rocky mountainous terrain with the vehicles being driven at ease by butch, outdoorsy men. Not this time.

The commercial which demonstrates the wading depth of the car (of 800mm) was shot in Romania in the summer of 2021. The ad also highlights the Ford Ranger’s two accolades: What Car? Pick-up of the year 2021 and International Pick-up 2020.

The music in the Ford Ranger advert advert

Music: Wolf & I | Artist : Oh Land

The music in the Ford Ranger advert is a song called “Wolf & I” recorded in 2011 by Danish singer-songwriter Nanna Øland Fabricius, better known by her stage name ‘Oh Land’. “Wolf & I” is taken from her self-titled second studio album ‘Oh Land’ and was also released as a CD single.

Listen to the full song on Oh Land’s official YouTube music video:

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