Dove Reverse Selfie – Advert Music

Dove have released this new TV advert titled ‘Reverse Selfie’ which continues the brand’s fight against unnatural beauty standards.

The powerful 60-second film features a girl looking at a picture of a young woman posted on social media. We see the image reversing in time from a fake, perfectly made-up woman to that of a young girl revealing her natural beauty underneath all the filters, make-up and masks.

Text on the advert then reads “The pressure of social media is harming our girls’ self-esteem. Let’s reverse the damage”. Viewers are then invited to Dove’s website to find out more about having the “selfie talk”.

The music in the Dove reverse selfie advert

Music: Reverse Selfie | Artist : Philip Kelin

The classical music in the Dove Reverse Selfie advert is a piece named after the campaign “Reverse Selfie” arranged by London-based composer Philip Kelin as part of creative music licensing agency Big Sync music. The world-wide agency have produced music for countless brands and ad agencies.

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