Dove Reverse Selfie - Advert Music

Dove Reverse Selfie – Advert Music

Dove have released this new TV advert titled ‘Reverse Selfie’ which continues the brand’s fight against unnatural beauty standards. The powerful 60-second film features a girl looking at a picture of a young woman posted on social media. We see the image reversing in time from a fake, perfectly made-up

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Colgate Smile On Advert

Colgate ‘Smile On’ Advert Song

This advert for Colgate Max White Ultimate titled ‘Smile On’ features a song by Dutch DJ, Mason. In the ad, we see various models smiling to reveal their white teeth. The commercial claims that their toothpaste “makes every smile unbelievable” and “it’s the first enzyme boosted toothpaste with a professional

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Schwarzkopf Live Colour Advert Music

Schwarzkopf Live – Generation Colour

This new 2020 Live Colour Schwarzkopf advert features music by British singer-songwriter Andreya Triana. The commercial titled ‘Generation Colour’ features six female influencers who promote an exciting new concept from Schwarzkopf Live Colour celebrating everyone living their life in their own unique way without constraints, restraints or comparisons. Previous Schwarzkopf

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