Aviva Advert Music 2021 – It Takes Aviva

This Aviva advert continues to air in 2022 titled ‘It takes Aviva’ featuring some classical music composed for the ad. Here you can find violin music, actress and filming location details for the commercial.

In the commercial we see a women at work thinking of her family at home. While getting in her car to begin her drive home to her family at a rural spot, the actress breaks down in the middle of a rain storm.

The advert highlights all the twists and turns that can be had in life as the women is wading through a flooded residential street. A voice-over says “We all have hopes for the future, And no matter what lies ahead, we can help you get there.”

The ad is a far step away from Aviva’s previous ‘Had To Be There’ advert where some pets had escaped on to the road from a Pet Shot with a smashed window.

The music in the 2021-2022 Aviva advert

Music: {Specially Composed} | Artist : Sebastian Plano

The classical music in the 2021-2022 Aviva advert is a piece specially composed for the Aviva advert by Argentinian multi-instrumentalist and composer Sebastian Plano. If previous works are anything to go by, the Berlin-based composer is unlikely to release the track as a full-length single or on a studio album.

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Who is the actress in the 2021-2022 Aviva advert?

The woman who stars in this latest Aviva advert is Scottish actress Shauna MacDonald. She began her career starring in The Debt Collector in 1999. MacDonald’s next breakthrough was starring as Sam Buxton in the British spy drama television series Spooks (2003–2004).

After departing the series, she starred as Sarah Carter in the horror film The Descent in 2005, this was arguably the role for which she is best known. MacDonald has also appeared on TV shows such as Hold the Sunset and The Five.

Where was the Aviva advert filmed?

The 2021 Aviva advert was filmed in locations around Scotland and the border counties. Filming started in Glasgow traveling through to Glencoe located between the banks of Loch Leven and the mouth of the famous glen. The final scene was filmed in the rural and picturesque Ettrick Valley around 17 miles south-west of the town of Selkirk.