BT Broadband Rage – Advert Music

This BT advert titled ‘Broadband Rage’ is set to a cover version of a well known Basement Jaxx song as the ad promotes the reliability of BT’s broadband service.

In the commercial we see a woman surfing the internet when the website she’s visiting freezes and her Wi-Fi connection starts to play up. This sends her in to an uncontrollable rage as she smashes her router to pieces and throws her screen across the room in to her fish tank.

We then see a series of people suffering the same fate as they smash things up in their episodes of ‘broadband rage’.

We then see a couple enjoying uninterrupted movie streaming. A voice-over says “why suffer broadband rage? Only BT’s hybrid broadband is backed up by EE’s broadband network. New unbreakable wi-fi, one day all broadband will be like this”.

The music in the BT Broadband Rage advert

Music: Where’s Your Head At (cover) | Artist : Basement Jaxx

The music in the BT Broadband Rage advert is a cover of the song ‘Where’s Your Head At’ by British electronic music duo Basement Jaxx. The song was released in 2001 as the third single from the band’s second album ‘Rooty’.

‘Where’s Your Head At’ is based on samples from Gary Numan’s songs “M.E.” and “This Wreckage” and reached the top 10 in the charts Canada and the UK. It was Basement Jaxx’s only single to reach a non-dance music chart in the US.

The music video for the track famously featured some singing monkeys DJing in a laboratory.

Watch the full song on Basement Jaxx’s official YouTube video

The cover version of the advert is currently unidentified and was likely created especially for the advert. Download the original Basement Jaxx version from Amazon Music

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