B&Q Change Made Easier – Advert Music

B&Q have released this new advert for 2022 titled “Change. Made Easier”. The advert begins with a woman discovering she is pregnant. We then follow the couple who need to transform their house for their new arrival. Her entire garden and house appears tip completely on its side.

The actress then climbs over the other side to her newly transformed family home where we see a newly renovated baby room complete with cot prepared.

The ad then concludes with a voice-over provided by actor Rory McCann, saying “Change. Made easier with B&Q”.

The music in the B&Q Change Made Easier advert

Music: Sound and Vision (2013) | Artist : David Bowie

The music in the B&Q Change. Made easier advert is a song called ‘Sound and Vision’ recorded by English musician and singer-songwriter David Bowie. The song was first recorded in 1977 for his 11th studio album Low.

The track was later released by RCA records as a single reaching number three on the UK Singles Chart after a lot of exposure during various BBC Trailers at the time.

The stripped-down version in the advert accompanied by piano music was released in 2013. Originally recorded for an Xperia Z smartphone advert by remixer Sonjay Prabhakar, a full-length version of the track was released and uploaded to the official David Bowie YouTube page.

Listen to the track on the official YouTube video below:

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