B&Q Advert Music – You Can Do It

B&Q have launched a new advert featuring classical music by The Cinematic Orchestra. The commercial titled ‘Build a life at B&Q’ tells us that “change isn’t scary” and “you can so it.

The ad features a male voice-over that inspires us to have a go at those DIY jobs from painting to building. We see family videos old and new from 69 different families decorating their rooms and building things for their home.

The advert concludes by saying “What a day it was the day you found out You Can Do It”.

The music in the B&Q “You can do it” advert

Music: Manhatta | Artist : The Cinematic Orchestra

The classical music in the background of the B&Q Build a life advert is a piece called ‘Manhatta’ released by the English music group The Cinematic Orchestra in 2012.

Listen to the full track on their official YouTube video:

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