BBC Life After Life – Trailer Music

This new BBC advert trailer promotes their new 2022 drama ‘Life After Life’ which airs in April on BBC2 and iPlayer.

This new star-studded adaptation of Kate Atkinson’s bestselling novel of the same name first airs on 19th April at 9pm on BBC2.

The trailer follows the compelling story of Ursula Todd as she lives through several different lives – all with different outcomes. The trailer starts with the voice of an actor asking Ursula “What if we could come back and live it all over. Again, again and again?”

The series stars actress Thomasin McKenzie as Ursula, a young girl who is born one night in 1910, but dies before she is able to take her first breath. The series spans two world wars, follows her experiences through domestic abuse and the 1918 Spanish influenza outbreak.

The music in the BBC Life After Life advert

Music: Feel Love | Artist : Rosie Doonan

The music in the BBC Life After Life trailer is a song called ‘Feel Love’ recorded in 207 by British singer and musician Rosie Doonan.

A remix version was recorded in 2019 by British drum and bass, dubstep and electro house producer Jon Gooch (stage name Feed Me).

Listen to the original track by Rosie Doonan in the official music video below:

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