BMW 2021 Advert Song – Higher Power

This new BMW advert campaign titled ‘The Power of action’ showcases the German car manufacturer’s new range of all-electric cars. This includes the first ever BMW iX and i4 models.

Throughout the advert, we hear music by British band Coldplay. The band were actively involved in the design of this campaign.

In the commercial, we see the two new electric vehicles that BMW has on offer as well as onlookers with environmental messages on them. Messages such as “There is no planet B”, “Tomorrow is too late” and “Shape your future”. We see a woman holding an ice cream dressed in a bright pink top with the slogan “Make Earth Cool Again”.

However the advert refreshingly says “It’s not about the power of words – it’s about the power of action”.

The music in the BMW Power of Action advert

Music: Higher Power | Artist : Coldplay

The music in the 2021 BMW The Power Of Action advert is the latest song by British rock band Coldplay called “Higher Power”. The song was released last month (May 2021) written by all four members of the band. At the time of writing the song has reached number 12 on the UK Singles Chart.

The track featuring the lyrics “This joy is electric” seems a perfect fit for this BMW campaign

Listen to the full track on Coldplay’s official YouTube video:

Download track on Amazon Music