Aldi – Peel The Need Teaser Advert

Aldi are the first brand to release a teaser trailer for their upcoming Christmas 2020 advert. Once again we see Kevin the Carrot on a new adventure called ‘Peel the Need’.

This year, it appears he is going on a ‘Top Gun’ style mission with his co-pilot ‘Lieutenant Turkey’. The title of the advert is a nod to the famous line “I feel the need, the need for speed” from the 1986 motion picture Top Gun.

Kevin says “Brace yourself Turkey” as he flies an F14 Tomcat jet through mountain ranges to catch up with Santa and his slay. He performs the classic Top Gun ‘inverted’ move to take a photo of Santa.

Lieutenant Turkey then explains he is “roasting” and goes to open a window in the plane to cool the cockpit down. However, instead of opening a window, he accidentally presses the eject button and Kevin is promptly ejected from the cockpit, shouting “No, Turkey!” The short clip ends with Kevin shouting for help as he parachutes through the sky. The advert concludes with the hashtag #WhereisKevin.

Aldi’s Top Gun theme choice is no coincidence given that the release of the sequel to the highly popular film was intended to happen this year. Top Gun: Maverick was originally scheduled for release by Paramount Pictures on July 12, 2019. It was delayed until June 26, 2020 then again delayed to December 23, 2020.

The music in the advert

Music: Top Gun Anthem (remake) | Artist : **commissioned**

The music in the Aldi Christmas 2020 Teaser advert is an especially made track which is loosely based on the original Top Gun Theme; an instrumental rock composition written by Harold Faltermeyer and featuring an electric guitar played by Steve Stevens.

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