Gucci – The Gift Giving Christmas 2019 Advert

This new TV advert campaign by Gucci titled The Gift Giving 2019 promotes their collection of accessories with a cruise ship scene.

The joyful commercial plays a festive classic song by The Beach Boys for the holiday season while we see models of all ages wearing the accessories with floral patterns and the GG Gucci motif. The advert is filmed on-board a cruise ship enjoying a vacation as we see people dancing on deck and even performing the limbo. Later we see people listening to a live band inside the ship.

What is the song in the Gucci advert

Music: Little Saint Nick | Artist : The Beach Boys

The music in the Guggi Gift Giving 2019 advert is the 1964 Christmas hit “Little Saint Nick written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love of the American rock band the Beach Boys. The track was released as a single reaching number three on Billboard magazine’s special seasonal weekly Christmas Singles chart. The track also appeared on the Californian band’s special Christmas album. The song can be downloaded from Amazon Music and iTunes.

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