Downy Infusions – Calm Dreams

This new advert by Downy (Known as Lenor in Europe) promotes their lavender ‘Infusions Calm’ fabric softener.

The ad features a young boy frightened by a night-time storm. He seeks comfort by going to his parent’s room and finds their blanket that has been washed with Downy Infusions Calm. It provides the calming smell and comforting feel he needed to get back to sleep.

The music in the advert

Music: Hush Hush Baby | Artist : Lxandra

The music in the Downy Infusions Calm advert is a 2017 song called ‘Hush Hush Baby’ released by Finnish-Swedish singer-songwriter Lxandra (real name Alexandra Lehti). Lxandra moved from her home island of Suomenlinna to Berlin in 2016 to further her music career and has enjoyed musical success ever since joining co-producer Perttu Kurttila who signed a record deal with Vertigo, a German-based Universal Music label, and US-based Island Records in 2017. Hush Hush Baby was a self-released single.

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