Samsung Galaxy Note10 – Alpaca

This 60-second advert video titled “Alpaca” by Samsung promotes their Galaxy Note10 device with S pen.

The commercial begins with a girl driving by an Alpaca farm when she stops and gets a very creative idea, The girl uses her Galaxy Note10 to design, create and record some wacky hair styles for the Alpacas. She then presents them to a board meeting and her idea then goes on to set the next trend. The advert concludes by saying “Do anything with the next-level power of Note10”.

The music in the advert

Music: Apache | Artist : Incredible Bongo Band

The music in the Samsung Galaxy Alpaca advert is a cover version of the 1960 hit “Apache” by English instrumental rock group The Shadows. The cover version in the advert is the 1973 cover version by the Incredible Bongo Band, a project started in 1972 by American record producer Michael Viner. The track featured on their debut instrumental album “Bongo Rock.”

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