The Capture – 2019 Trailer Music

This BBC Trailer for the new thriller The Capture has just been released. The six-episode “surveillance thriller” is set in London and features Holliday Granger (as DI Rachel Carey and Callum turner (as Shaun Emery). Emery, a British soldier who’s conviction for murder in Afghanistan is overturned due to insufficient video evidence returns to freedom with his daughter. However, CCTV video from a night out in London drastically changes his newly settled life.

DI Rachel Carey is tasked with investigating Turner’s case and soon has to search her soul to make the right decisions on the evidence found.

The music in the trailer advert

Music: Somebody’s Watching Me (Cover) | Artist : Madelyn Darling

The soundtrack music in the BBC’s The Capture trailer is a cover version of the 1984 hit song “Somebody’s Watching Me” by American singer Rockwell (and guest vocals by Michael and Jermaine Jackson). The version in the advert is performed by Madelyn Darling, a Californian-based artist.

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