Apple AirPods – Bounce

Apple have launched this new black and White TV advert promoting their new AirPods. The advert titled ‘Bounce’ features a man using the new voice-activated Siri and wireless charging feature of the pods. He listens to music while bouncing around the city as if the whole urban area is one giant hop trampolining centre. Be it pavements, roads or even walls, everything around him is soft and springy!

The music in the advert

Music: I Learnt Some Jazz Today | Artist : Tessellated

The music in Apple AirPod Bounce advert is a 2016 song called “I Learnt Some Jazz Today”. The track was recorded by Jamaica and Los Angeles-based music producer Tessellated. As with most TV commercials by Apple, the tune used in this advert is a little known song which is likely to enjoy a boost as a direct result of the ad being aired.

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