Fuze Tea 2019 – A bit of me time

Fuze Tea promote mindfulness and mental well-being with this 2019 TV advert. The commercial features a man in a busy urban area who spots a vending machine full of Fuze Tea bottles. When he takes one and has a drink, time freezes so can have ‘A bit of me time’.

The music in the advert

Music: Time In A Bottle | Artist : Lykke Li

The music in the Fuze Tea 2019 advert is a cover version of the 1973 hit song called “Time In A Bottle” by American folk singer-songwriter Jim Croce. The version in the advert was released in 2018 by Swedish singer, songwriter and model Lykke Li. In the ad, the lyrics “If I could save time in a bottle” can be heard. The song is available to download from iTunes and Amazon Music.

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