Samsung Portable SSD T5 – Save Our Sanity

This Samsung advert for the Portable CCD T5 shows how this portable solution can resolve that situation of not having a data connection to watch media. In this example a mother and daughter are disappointed to find they can’t connect to the internet. A woman sitting beside them ‘saves their sanity’ day by lending her Portable SSD T5. The device is a compact, super fast solid state drive allowing high capacity and high transfer rate.

A similar advert by Samsung features a young lad waiting for his game to download at a slow pace. His mate then comes in and connects his SSD T5 to turbo boost the download wait time.

The music in the advert

Music: Banger | Artist : Onassis Morris

The music in the Samsung Portable SSD advert is a track called “Banger” released earlier this year by Miami-based music artist Onassis Morris.

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