iPhone XR Battery Life – Up Late

This new advert for the iPhone XR demonstrates “the longest battery life in an iPhone ever” with various people falling asleep while using their iPhone. Whether you’re watching a video, on a video call or playing a game, you’ll likely fall sleep before your iPhone does suggests Apple. The commercial is titled ‘Up Late’.

The music in the advert

Music: Stay Awake | Artist : Julie Andrews

The song in the Apple Up Late advert is “Stay Awake” by Julie Andrews. The lullaby composed by Richard M Sherman is best known from Walt Disney’s film Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins (played by Andrews) sung the song to the children Jane and Michael to help them doze off to sleep. The track has been recorded my many artists since including Duke Ellington, Collin Raye, Louis Prima, Harry Connick Jr and Hayley Westenra. The original Julie Andrews version is available to download from the music services below.

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