Wellman – Vitabiotics Vitamins

Wellman Vitamins promote their Vitabiotics in the commercial starring male model David Gandy. In the ad we see the actor wake up in bed before going for a morning run, soing weight lifting and fitness training before driving in a classic Mercedez to a photo shoot before jetting off to a business meeting in New York and then returning to London to get a suit tailored. The ad concludes by saying that Wellman is the “UK’s number one vitamins for men”.

The music in the advert

Music: Hollandia | Artist : Ethan & The Reformation

The song in the Wellman Vitamins advert is a 2016 song called “Hollandia” which was recorded by British band Ethan & The Reformation. This was the group’s debut single. The brand is now named Vitabiotics and the advert was re-aired in 2018 after it’s initial 2016 release.

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