Volvo V60 – Protect What’s Important To You

Volvo introduce their new V60 family estate car with this heartwarming ad showing those special moments shared with family and friends. With their excellent safety record, Volvo can concentrate on their message in the ad to “Protect What’s Important To You”

The music in the advert

Music: If You Got Somebody Waiting | Artist: Joel Alme

The music in the advert is If You’ve Got Someone by Joel Alme, a musician from Gothenburg, Sweden (the same city where Volvo was founded in 1927). The track in the advert featuring the lyrics “If you find someone good. Stays when others leave. That cares for you, that fights for you. You better stay with someone, stay straight with you”, was originally released in 2010. However, this acoustic version was most likely created for the ad and should become available for download on more mainstream music services very soon.

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