Square.com – Square and Fair

Merchant services provider Square.com have released this charming advert entitled “The Thing-Ummy-Bob” that promotes their card payment solutions for small businesses.

The music in the advert

Music: The Thing-Ummy-Bob| Artist: Gracie Fields

The song in the advert is a wartime track released in 1942 called The Thing-Ummy-Bob performed by English actress, singer and comedian Gracie Fields. The lyrics include: “I can’t pretend to be, a great celebrity, but still I’m quite important in me way. I’m the girl that makes the thing, that drills the hole, that holds the ring, that drives the rod, that turns the knob, that works the thing-ummy-bob”. The song was written by Gordon Thompson and David Heneker to celebrate the line workers in World War II making components for weapons to win the war. The track is available to download from the music services below.

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