Lynx Excite – Even Angels Will Fall

This Lynx advert for their Excite deodorant was first aired in 2011 as part of their ‘Fallen Angels’ campaign. The commercial starring Kelly Brook features several archangels falling from the sky in an Italian town.

They appear to have been drawn towards the scent of Lynx Excite being warn by a lone man. When they finally find him, the angels decide to throw their halos smashing to the floor. Make of that what you will! A voice-over then says “Even angels will fall”.

Despite the intended set location, the advert was actually filmed in the streets of in Split in Croatia.

The music in the Lynx Excite Fallen Angel advert

Music: The Fallen Angels | Artist: Sexy Boy

The music in this 2011 Lynx Excite advert is a song called “Sexy Boy” released in 2010 by London-based all-female choir The Fallen Angels.

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