Warburtons – GoodBagels Robert DeNiro

Warburtons have released another TV ad which returns to Mr Warburton’s office where his secretary talking about the Bananarama song “Robert De Niro’s Waiting”. By an amazing coincidence, the American actor himself enters the room with a couple of friends of his. De Niro who of course starred in the hit gangster film Goodfellas outlines his plans to dominate the bagel business in his usual style. He plans to name his new business “Goodbagels”.

At the end of the video, Mr Warburton says it “Sounds like a great movie”, to which De Niro replies “What movie?”. As a result of this conversation Mr Warburton’s fate is decided as De Niro and his cronies get to work with the gaffer tape!

The music in the advert

The Jazz music in the background of the Warburtons Goodbagels advert is currently unknown. The music may well have ben commissioned especially for the campaign.