Stella Artois – Prison Ship

This classic TV ad from Stella Artois titled “Devil’s Island” aired back in 2003. The commercial featured prisoner ‘Didier’ and told us the story of how he found an ingenious way to get some time alone to drink his reassuringly expensive beer.

A fellow prisoner is carted off to solitary confinement – a small cell on the ship’s deck in the blazing sun after knocking a guard unconscious with a soup ladle. In the commotion, another guard loses his unopened bottle of Stella, which Didier manages to stash in a rolled-up blanket, unable to believe his luck.

Having failed to find anywhere on the ship to hide and drink his Stella, he grabs the same ladle as in the first scene and taps the same guard on the shoulder and knocks him out. He is then carted to solitary confinement with an eager look of joy on his face.

It was one of the most successful beer advertising campaigns to hit our screens.

What’s the music in the classic Stella Artois Prison Ship advert ?

Music: Theme From Jean De Florette | Artist: Jean-Claude Petit

The music in the Stella Artois Prison Ship advert is the theme tune from the 1986 period drama film ‘Jean De Florette’ directed by Claude Berri. The music was created by French composer Jean-Claude Petit.

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