Stella Artois 2021 Advert Music - Tips

Stella Artois 2021 Advert Music – Tips

Stella have released a new 2021 Stella Artois advert titled “Stella Tips”. The advert featuring the classic Stella tune by Jean-Claude Petit celebrates the reopening of the hospitality sector by pledging an extra £500,000 for bar staff. The TV commercial shows a very thirsty local patron celebrating the pub’s return.

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Stella Artois - Musical Notes Advert

Stella Artois – Animated Advert

Stella Artois launch a new global brand campaign with this animated advert titled “Musical Notes”. The warm, jazz-themed commercial highlights Stella Artois’ long association with the arts and film as a trumpeter walks in to a bar and begins to play. The musical notes fly away and slowly invite people

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Stella Artois - Buy a lady drink

Stella Artois – Buy a Lady a Drink

Featuring Matt Damon, this ad by Stella Artois in collaboration with campaigns to provide clean water to people in the developing world. Around the world, women spend millions of hours a day collecting the water they need for their families. Stella Artois has partnered with Matt Damon and

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