Vodafone – Come Together

Vodafone have released a new advert illustrating the ways that we keep connected during the coronavirus lock down. The ad features a Beatles classic cover song.

In the commercial we see families and friends waking up to another day in lock down and abiding by government advice to stay at home. We see how people are managing to stay connected, keep working and enjoy family life in these strange and challenging times.

The advert says how Vodafone are “Keeping it going, Keeping it real and Keeping it interesting”. The ad concludes by telling viewers “Every day we’re working hard to maintain our network, so even when we’re apart, nothing can stop us being together”.

Vodafone 2020 Advert Song - Come Together
The Vodafone 2020 advert showing a mum successfully “keeping it going” by working at home with her child.

As with many adverts during spring 2020, this commercial has a positive vibe about it. Encouraging viewers to keep at it while also highlighting the benefits that the brand can bring to these new circumstances that people around the world find themselves in.

The music in the Vodafone Come Together advert

Music: Come Together (cover) | Artist : Rockin’ 1000

The song in the Vodafone 2020 advert is a cover version of the 1969 hit ‘Come Together’ recorded in 1969 by The Beatles. The song was primarily written by band member John Lennon and was credited to Lennon-McCartney (the song-writing partnership between Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney).

The song is the opening track to the Beatles’ infamous studio album ‘Abbey Road’ The song was also released as a single reaching the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number 4 in the UK Singles Chart.

Beatles: Abbey Road Album Cover
The famous Beatles Abbey Road album cover

The cover version in this advert was recorded live in Cesena in 2016 by a large group of rock musicians called Rockin’ 1000. A YouTube video of the event can be seen below…

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