Vodafone Advert Music – A Happy Bus Journey

This Vodafone advert promoting their 4G mobile network features a song called Be Good. In the commercial titled “a happy bus journey” we see a couple on a bus journey noticing a mother struggling to settle her crying toddler. The couple come up with a brilliant idea.

With Vodafone’s 4G coverage on their mobile phone, they are able to use their data to let the child watch a cartoon of Dora The Explorer on the device. Obviously this is an instant hit with the child who is sufficiently entertained for the rest of the journey. A voice-over then says “Entertainment when you need it most, streamed instantly on our fast 4G network”.

The music in the advert

Music: Be Good | Artist : Max Brodie (feat. Rosenthal)

The music in the Vodafone “happy bus journey” advert is a song called “Be Good” composed in 2015 by Max Brodie with London-based singer-songwriter Tom Rosenthal. Rosenthal

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