Toyota Corolla – Don’t Get Left Behind

This Toyota Corolla TV advert showcases the Japanese car manufacturer’s new hybrid hatch. The ad is set in the desert with the Corolla driving alongside various Toyota models though history passing a 1930s gangster style car followed by 1950s hot rods, a 1980s sports car and some diesel cars for the 1990s. The Corolla finally zooms past an electric car that is busy being charged. The advert’s tagline is “Don’t Get Left Behind” highlighting the advantages of hybrid technology.

The Toyota Corolla hatch is based on a brand-new platform, during the development of which Toyota prioritised good looks and decent handling. According to TopGear..

The Corolla looks more striking than ever, and proves Toyota is really on a roll with making its cars less boring

The music in the advert

Music: Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing) | Artist: Louis Prima

The music in the 2019 Toyota Corolla advert is the 1930s big band hit Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing) written by American singer-songwriter and actor Louis Prima. The track was best-known from its performance recorded by Benny Goodman in 1937.

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