Plenty 2020 – Christmas Advert Music

Plenty have released their Christmas 2020 advert promoting their kitchen rolls. The advert featuring a song by Scottish rock band Nazareth shows us a series of unfortunate incidents at Christmas time which require a trusty Plenty kitchen towel to clean things up.

From babies feeling sick to spilt wine and a cooked Turkey being dropped on the floor, it appears there’s nothing Plenty can’t clean up in this ad. The commercial concludes with a voice-over saying “It’s always a mess, but it’s our mess”.

The music in the Plenty 2020 advert

Music: Love Hurts | Artist : Nazareth

The music in the new Plenty Christmas 2020 advert is a song called “Love Hurts” recorded in 1974 by the Scottish hard rock band Nazareth. The song was written and composed by American songwriter Bourdeaux Bryant and first recorded by the Everly brothers in 1960.

Nazareth’s power ballad version was an international hit reaching number 1 in Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa and Norway. The song reached number in in the US Billboard Hot 100 yet only reached number 41 in the UK Singles Chart.

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