Cookie Cone Extreme – Advert Music

Nestle Frisco introduce their new Extreme Cookie Cone range of ice cream with this advert. In the commercial we see a group of women having a pillow fight in a bedroom after trying the Extreme Cookie Cone ice cream. They all seem to have acquired ‘Matrix-like’ abilities by taking it to the extreme.

The girls take the fight down in to a multi-storey car park to the concern of a man who just came down from the lift.

The music in the Cookie Cone Extreme advert

Music: Cherry Bomb | Artist : The Runaways

The music in the Cookie Cone Extreme advert is a song called “Cherry Bomb” that was recorded in 1975 by all-female band The Runaways. The song featured on the band’s self-titled album and was released as their debut single in 1976.

Cherry Bomb peaked at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100.

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