Maserati David Beckham Advert Music

This new Maserati advert titled ‘Two of a kind’ stars David Beckham who is let loose to take a spin in their performance SUV.

Shot in Miami, we see Beckham using his smartphone assistant to go through his schedule for the day. Meanwhile we see shots of the professional football star tearing up the tarmac beneath a brIdge in a red Maserati Levante Trofeo.

Beckham, who is the new brand ambassador of Maserati appears to be thoroughly enjoying himself as he performs a series of doughnuts in the car. Although Beckham is not famous for his love of cars, he has owned some pretty decent motors in his time as to be expected for a man of his caliber.

The music in the Maserati advert with David Beckham

Music: Fall | Artist : The Bug (feat. Igna Copeand)

The music in the Maserati David Beckham advert is a song called “Fall” released in 2014 by Kevin Martin (better known by his alias name The Bug). The song features Russian born musical artist Inga Copeland. The track is taken from Martin’s fourth studio album Angels & Devils.

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