Little Moons Advert Music – Necks Appeal

Ice cream company Little Moons have launched two adverts promoting their soft, creamy mochi ice creams. This first ad titled “Necks Appeal” features a man and a lady sat at a table having a taste of the ice cream bites. They both look at each other in acknowledgement as their necks bizarrely begin to twist and rise up on screen.

This second instalment is titled ‘The Flavour System and features a woman sat on what looks like a solar system model wile she eats a Little Moons ice cream. She is being orbited by lots of other “little moons” while her giant ‘ice cream planet’ spins on it’s axis.

The music in the Little Moons advert

Music: You’re All That I Need | Artist : *TBC*

The music in the Little Moons Ice Cream adverts containing the lyrics “You’re all that I need, something so sweet” is currently unidentified. We’ll keep you posted if we find out more…