Dunn Elm Advert Music – Dun Your Way

This new advert by home furnishings retailer Dunn Elm invites their customers to “do their own thing” when styling their home.

The commercial begins with everybody ‘being the same’ and fitting in with everybody else. One couple decide to break the rules and make their own styling choices. A voice over then says “Dun your way and nobody else’s”

The music in the Dunn Elm advert

Music: Do Your Thing | Artist : Basement Jaxx

The music in the Dunn Elm Dun Your Way advert is the 2001 song “Do Your Thing” recorded by English electro-music duo Basement Jaxx.

The song originally appeared on the band’s second studio album “Rooty” and was later released in 2002 as a 12″ Limited Edition vinyl single in the UK. Listen to the full track on this official YouTube music video:

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