Cathedral City – Stay Home

A new advert by Cathedral City cheese reinforcing the ‘Stay Home’ message during the Coronavirus lock-down features music by Dan Croll. In the commercial, the cheese is promoted as ‘The Nations Favourite’ and says “Right now, more than ever, the safest most comforting place to be is home” as viewers are shown deserted parks, paths and playgrounds. The ad concludes by showing a deserted residential street with just a few parked cars on it. The only exception being a Cathedral City lorry, ensuring that the nations favourite cheese is still available in the shops.

The music in the advert

Music: Home | Artist : Dan Croll

The music in the 2020 Cathedral City Stay Home advert is a song simply called ‘Home’released as a single in 2013 by British singer-songwriter Dan Croll. The song also featured on his studio album ‘Sweet Disarray’.

Keen music advert listeners may recognise this song as it featured in a DFS Christmas Advert called ‘joy of Home’ in 2018.

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