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Herbal Essences – Unleash Mama Nature’s Secrets

Music: T.E.A.M. (Just Flaunt It) | Artist : Parker P

Herbal Essences - Unleash Mama Natures Secrets

Herbal Essences have released a new advert for 2019 called “Unleash Mama Natures Secrets”. The colourful advert invites viewers to “flaunt the hair that mama nature gav ya”. In the

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L’Oreal Paris – Infallible

Music: Don’t Stop Me Now | Artist : Queen

L'Oreal Paris  - Infallible

This advert by L’Oreal showcases their new 24 hour Freshwear Foundation “Infallible”. The French personal care company says that the product provides perfect coverage and fresh skin for 24 hours.

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Nivea Sun – Mr Sun

Music: Sunshine and You | Artist : The Futures

Nivea Sun - Mr Sun

This funny advert by Nivea Sun features two women with their bikes walking through a park when one of then begins to apply sun lotion. The other women is surprised…

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Bodyform – Viva La Vulva

Music: Take Yo’ Praise | Artist: Camille Yarbrough

Bodyform - Viva La Vulva

Feminine hygiene products brand Bodyform have released this TV ad campaign aimed to fight the stigma around talking about a women’s vulva. The brand promotes their range of intimate…

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Avon – Letterbox Looks

Music: Stop | Artist: Artb$h

Avon - Letterbox Looks

This advert by Avon says that their skin products are “The most exciting thing to come through your letterbox since… Ever!” The direct selling beauty brand promotes 9 different looks…

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