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Levi’s – 501 Day: We Are All Collaborators

Music: Silence | Artist : Diezmo feat. Eleni Mylona and AtheoryAll

Levi's - 501 Day: We Are All Collaborators

Levi’s showcase their 501 Day in Thailand with this TV advert. The commercial features people customising their own jeans at a Levi’s store. The jeans brand is highlighting how they

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Levi’s – Use Your Voice

Music: Battlecry | Artist: Jordan Mackampa

Levi's - Use Your Voice

In this new 2019 campaign by Levi’s, the American clothing company reminds us that “Your Voice is the Difference” when we speak up to change the world. The video features…

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Levi’s – Music Project – Loyle Carner

Music: The Isle Of Arran | Artist : Loyle Carner

Levi's - Music Project - Loyle Carner

This Levi’s advert starring Loyle Carner promotes The Levi’s Music Project, a global platform that collaborates with top artists to provide access to music and inspire the next generation of…

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Levi’s – Circles

Music Track: Makeba

Music Artist: Jain

Levi's - Circles
Levi’s celebrates “circles” with this TV ad showing people of all different cultures and backgrounds dancing in their jeans. With the slogan ‘Lets live

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Levi’s – Live in Levi’s

Music Track: Rumble And Sway

Music Artist: Jamie N Commons

Levi's - Live in Levi’s
Part of the global “Live in Levi’s” campaign, this Levi’s TV ad invites viewers to wear them, dare

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Levi’s – 501

Music Track: Underwater Love

Music Artist: Smoke City

Levi's - 501
The incredibly successful Levi 501 adverts continued strong throughout the 90’s. This particular instalment first aired in 1997 with a

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