BBC The Syndicate Theme Song

BBC One’s The Syndicate recently launched series 4 of the British drama series with a new Theme Song. The Syndicate written by Kay Mellor follows five members of a betting syndicate who win the lottery. Each series follows a different member of the group. We are now on season four which has launched with a brand new theme tune.

Series 4 of The Syndicate premiered on Tuesday 30th March 2021 on BBC One and iPlayer.

What’s the theme tune to The Syndicate on BBC One ?

Music: The Gambler (cover)) | Artist : David Nowakowski (feat. Rising Fever)

The theme tune for The Syndicate in 2021 is a cover of the song ‘The Gambler’ that has been recorded by English musician David Nowakowski featuring Sam Harrison (stage name Rising Fever).

Listen to the full track on David Nowakowski’s official YouTube Channel:

Download track on Amazon Music

Theme songs in Previous Series of The Syndicate

The theme tune for the first two series of the show is “All or Nothing”, by the Small Faces. For the third series, a cover version of the same song performed by Scars on 45 was used. The score is composed by guitarist Hal Lindes from Dire Straits.