Amazon Prime Video – 2020 Trailer Music

This 2020 Amazon Prime trailer video showcasing their 30-day free trial features music by Party Favor. In the trailer video we see snippets of some of the shows available on the streaming service, The trailer starts with a scene from a film saying “We have exciting news for you”. We then see countless action and sci-fi films, animations and series in the space of 30-seconds.

The countless option categories and options on Amazon Prime Video make for the perfect Coronovirus lockdown remedy for viewers!

The music in the advert

Music: Bap U | Artist : Party Favor

The music in the Amazon Prime Video 2020 trailer advert is an electro-dance song called “Bap U” released in 2014 by American EDM DJ and producer Dylan Ragland, better known by his stage name Party Favor.

Amazon Prime Video Trailer Music 2020
Party Favor – Bap-U – Single

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