Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) – Libre

British singer and model Dua Lipa promotes Yves Saint Laurent’s new female fragrance Libre in this TV advert.

The singer-songwriter who was born in Kosovo is seen wearing a short, black dress walking over a bridge. We hear the pop-star say “Don’t be afraid of your freedom”. An eagle then briefly joins the her then flees as we see Dua Lipa breaking in to dance.

The ad then cuts to a beach scene where the star is seen enjoying the ocean waves before walking in-front of a large sign that is on fire with the wording LIBRE. The ad concludes with another voice-over saying “Libre, the new scent of freedom”

The music in the YSL Libre advert

Music: I’m Free | Artist : Dua Lipa

The music in the YSL Libre advert is Dua Lipa’s cover version of the 1965 hit ‘I’m Free’ by English rock band the Rolling Stones.

The song was first released as the final track on the band’s third studio album ‘Out of Our Heads’. Due Lipa’s version is not commercially available however the original stones’ version is available on Amazon Music.

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