Lego – Rebuild The World

Lego have launched their first major TV advertising campaign since the 80’s with this new ‘Alice in Wonderland’ look advert. The commercial features a man hunting a white rabbit. He first begins in the safari then on in to the city highlighting the diversity of Lego’s building capabilities.

The advert is filled with Easter eggs along the way featuring toys that traverse the decades. Every character, animal and vehicle in the advert is an existing or past Lego toy. The epic hunt ends in a draw with the advert title being revealed “Rebuild The World”. This tagline could also be related to rebuilding children’s creativity or “develop the builders of tomorrow” according to Lego Agency’s head, Rémi Marcelli.

The music in the Lego Rebuild the World advert

Music: Le/Go | Artist : Flavien Burger & JAQUES

The music in the Lego Rebuild The World advert is a song called “Le/Go” which was composed by electro-musicians Flavien Burger and JACQUES. At the time of writing this music is not commercially available.