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Aldi Christmas 2018 – Kevin the Carrott Coca-Cola Spoof

Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot returns for Christmas in this Christmas 2018 spoof advert of the famous Coca-Cola “Holiday’s are Coming” ad. It begins featuring what looks like the classic Coca-Cola truck in a snowy, mountainous landscape coming round the corner to what at first sounds like the “Wonderful Dream” song by Melanie Thornton. However when the truck hits a snowdrift, it jackknifes to reveal the words “Kevin the Carrot” branding on the side.

The music in the advert

Music: Carrot’s coming to town | Artist: [Commissioned]

The music in the advert is not what it seems and is simply a track made especially for the spoof advert. We’ve decided to call it “Carrot’s coming to town” as these lyrics can be heard in the advert. To pay homage to Aldi for this funny parody, were gonna call it the best Christmas Song Ever. 🙂

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