Seat Tarraco – Ice

This new TV advert by Seat promotes the Tarraco SUV. The ad features a woman hiking to a remote frozen lake who then cuts a hole in the ice and dives in to the freezing water for an exhilarating swim. The commercial suggests that “You don’t stop because you get older. You get older because you stop”. The woman then drives away in her Tarraco as the advert slogan asks ‘Why Not Now?’.

The music in the SEAT Tarraco Ice advert

Music: Try | Artist: Bugge Wesseltoft and Sidsel Endresen

The music in the Seat Tarraco advert is a 2002 track called “Try” by Norwegian artists Bugge Wesseltoft and Sidsel Endresen. This chilled-out tune is taken from the album Out Here. In There. The song is available to download from the music services below.

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