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Ford Focus Crossover Advert 2019

Ford have released a new Beauty Of Change TV advert in 2019 for the Focus Crossover. Following on from last year’s very successful ad, the commercial once again features a kaleidoscope of colourful butterflies which fly in formation to form the new model of the popular Ford Focus. Unlike the previous advert which was set in an urban location on top of a skyscraper, this time the car forms in a rural forest-like area. The tagline is ‘The Beauty Of Change Continues’ as the silver estate version of the car leaves the wooded area.

The music in the advert

Music: Transformation | Artist: The Cinematic Orchestra

As per last year’s ad, the music in the new Ford Focus Crossover advert is a classical piece called Transformation performed by British nu jazz and electronic music group The Cinematic Orchestra. The track is available to download from the music services below.

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1 year ago

Although saying that I have listened once again and they ‘arrival of the birds’ and ‘transformation’ sound similar. So with that I am withdrawing my last comment and apologising for time wasting!!! And transformation is correct!! And that’s why I’m hear and your there!!! Take care.

1 year ago

Hi there,

The theme music to the Ford Crossover I’m pretty sure is ‘Arrival of the Birds’ from the 2008 album ‘The crimson wing’ and not ‘Transformation’ as originally mentioned. If you play both the tunes you were will Hearn a distinctive difference. So with that I’m fairly convinced it’s Arrival of the birds.

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