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Warburtons – Pride and Breadudice

Music Track: Unchained Melody

Music Artist: The Riteoud Brothers

Warburtons have dropped Kermit the Frog and replaced him with Peter Kay as they continue their ‘From Our Family To Yours’ campaign. Peter expresses his new idea to Mr Warburton played out in a ‘Pride and Predudice’ themed sketch. Although the classical music is currently unkown, the snippet of music in the middle of the advert is the 1965 version of the hit Unchained Melody by the Riteous Brothers. This famous track had a revival in the charts when the movie Ghost was released in 1990 featuring the music.

A little-known fact is that the track was originally written in 1955 with music by Alex North and lyrics by Hy Zaret as a theme for a prison film called Unchained (1955).

A note that there are a couple of versions of this commercial ad on YouTube. One with the track and one without. Which will be aired on TV the most is yet to be discerned.

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