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Levi’s – Circles

Music Track: Makeba

Music Artist: Jain

Levi’s celebrates “circles” with this TV ad showing people of all different cultures and backgrounds dancing in their jeans. With the slogan ‘Lets live how we dance’, the well known jeans brand invites viewers to ‘Live in Levi’s’. This advert is already proving to be the most popular TV advert of autumn 2017 by quite some margin and the music in the advert could be playing a big role in that fact.

The music in the advert is called Makeba by French singer-songwriter Jeanne Galice (aka Jain). It was released in 2015 and features on her album, Zanka.

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3 years ago

I hate that song, her voice is soooo annoying!

Pat canderton
Pat canderton
3 years ago

Fantastic add wonderfully done and that music makes you want to get up and dance in a pair of levis

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