British Airways – Pop Up Orchestra

This 2012 British Airways commercial titled ‘Pop Up Orchestra’ was an online video campaign created and produced by ‘Adjust Your Set’. At the time, so called ‘flash mobs’ were becoming all the rage online and this ad proved very successful.

In the commercial we follow a normal busy day at Heathrow’s terminal 5. A conductor appears on the upper level who starts mysteriously conducting alone. However to everybody’s surprise, instruments start being played one-by-one around the terminal floor.

People begin joyfully listening and recording the event as it unfolds. The Sussex Symphony Orchestra are the one’s involved. On completion of their rendition of the Flower Duet. A round of applause can be heard around the terminal.

The music in the British Airways Popup Orchestra advert

Music: Flower Duet | Artist : Sussex Symphony Orchestra

The classical music being payed in the British Airways Popup Orchestra advert is the classical piece from the Lakmé Opera called “Flower Duet” by French romantic composer Léo Delibes. The piece is a duet for soprano and mezzo-soprano in the first act of the opera.

Performed in this advert by the Sussex Symphony Orchestra, this music has close ties with British Airways. Perhaps their most famous commercial, the Face advert, featured a famous adaptation of the Flower Duet called ‘Aria On Air’.

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