British Airways – To Fly, To Serve

This 2011 British Airways advert titled “To Fly To Serve” was one of the brand’s largest advertising campaigns. The advert showcases its heritage by highlighting the characteristics of BA that make it special.

The airline places more focus on its historic motto, To Flt. To Serve reinforcing its values to put their customers at the heart of everything else. The ad looks back at the aviators of the past through the years. We follow the incredible advances in technology, training and skill throughout the airline’s existence which are all based on the same idea – To fly and to serve.

The commercial was the first that British Airlines unveiled on their Facebook page.

The music in the British Airways Aviators Advert

Music: The Aviators | Artist : Helen Jane Long

The music in the background of the British Airways To Fly. To Serve. ad is a piece called ‘The Aviators’ performed by British composer and musician Helen Jane Long.

She has produced music for several film projects including assisting on the film score for The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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