TK Maxx Christmas 2018 – The Neverending Stocking

The TK Maxx Christmas 2018 advert features a woman in the store who finds the “neverending stocking” much to the excitement of some eagerly waiting staff watching from a “control room”. The stocking which offers gifts all year round comes to life and begins to sing Cuban Pete (more details below)…

The music in the advert

Music: Cuban Pete | Artist: Jim Carrey

The music in the advert is a Jim Carrey cover of the 1936 song Cuban Pete composed by José Norman. The song was recorded by famous American trumpeter Louis Armstrong in 1937.

The version in the TK Maxx Christmas 2018 advert however is the track used in the 1994 fantasy hero Christmas film, The Mask performed by comedy actor Jim Carrey. This version can be downloaded from Amazon Music.

Download track on Amazon Music